Alex Simon Klug

Simultaneous Camping / Sound Swap

Featuring works by: Andreas Niegl, Lilian Harberer, Achim Mohné, Kristina Lenz, Tim Gorinski, Daniel Pitts... (to be extended)

Radio feature at Radio In Between Spaces

(ribs #01 - first contact - 14.05.2020)

Every Thursday from 19:00 p.m. to 21:00 p.m CET on

"The point is, all we have are these records and you only have them in this Now"
Julian B. Barbour

With each participant, the (originally one hour long) recording changes into something else.
From the recordings and conversations about this time, an experimental radio play of about 40 minutes will be created, which will be premiered on the radio at on 9th of July 2020.
In addition, every single recording and the artistic position will be published at the end so that the whole process of creation is revealed and can be explored.

feel free to contact me if you want to participate. There are already many great artists and I am looking forward to further positions.

Possible participation:

Option 1:

Record yourself while listening to the recording, you get from your predecessor. If you want to say something,
or have the need to move, do it. But it`s important that you try to listen carefully and take your time the acoustic experience. Try to imagine that all this happens at the same time. How is your understandning of Time? is it possible that everything happens at the same time?

Option 2:
(Conscious acoustic (musical/sound) manipulation or contribution)
Listen to the recording of your predecessor and add what you miss, it can be musical, voice, or even a simple
change of volume. everything is possible, what fits within this hour.

Alex Simon Klug

based in Cologne

Born 1991, graduated at the HfbK Hamburg in 2017.

Since 2018 postgraduate Studies at Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

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