unrevealed darlings/SNEAK

Is a online Radio Show/Sneak Preview

for presenting unreleased tracks and other hidden darlings of the last month from fellow artists.

Pre-releases, and even unfinished pieces or works in progress are welcome. We provide space for all of them. If you want to have your track played, send it to us and help the community to expand and grow stronger.

Tracklist (31.05.2020 19:00 CET):

Daniel Pitts - caltered (work in progress)

Tim Gorinski - untitled (work in progress)

FOAM - insane (work in progress)

Andreas Niegl - Sway (work in progress)

Tim Gorinski - untitled (work in progress)

jojo moyen - Helium (pre-release)

aleques - vergesse nicht (pre-release)

Andreas Niegl and FOAM - ghost stepper (work in progress)

FOAM - 4 shoulders (work in progress)

Tim Gorinski - untitled (work in progress)

Andreas Niegl - 12Bit State (work in progress)

Acid Man - Acid Man (pre-release)

also thank you Tatiana Heuman

for showing a work in progress too (pre listening at the live show only)

Submit by sending a dowloadlink with a few lines about you and your track to:


(submission deadline for the show: 29.05.2020 23:59 CET ) 

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